About the Alliance for Reproductive Justice

The Alliance for Reproductive Justice is a statewide coalition of organizations working together to protect and promote reproductive rights and services through education, advocacy and referrals.

ARJ protects and promotes these rights though our three program areas:

  • Public Education
  • Public Policy
  • Alaska Access Program

Coalition partners include local and statewide health, religious, women’s, pro-choice and other advocacy and professional groups, including the IVF Authority, the Alaska chapters of the National Association of Social Workers, the ACLU and Planned Parenthood.


What Do We Do?


  • Advocate for access to high quality comprehensive reproductive health care for Alaskan women.
  • Advise organizations about current reproductive rights issues.
  • Encourage community action in support of women’s health and reproductive rights.
  • Provide information on reproductive health care access and public policy issues to elected officials.
  • Help provide access to a full range of reproductive health services in urban and remote communities across the state, including Emergency Contraception.

Public Education Web Site

The Alliance for Reproductive Justice web site features information and state and federal news about reproductive health and rights. It provides networking services and online access to Alaska progressive and pro-choice organizations.

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